We are a leading international citrus supplier. And although we're a billion dollar a year organization, you can't buy stock-because there isn't any.

Why? Because Sunkist is a cooperative - a not-for-profit company. Our members, consisting of California and Arizona citrus growers, have joined forces to produce the high-quality Sunkist® fruit you've come to know and love. Sunkist is the oldest continually operating citrus cooperative in America and the largest marketing cooperative in the world's fruit and vegetable industry.

History of Sunkist

Sunkist’s roots go back over 100 years and are a treasured part of the American culture and diet.


Sunkist is an established cooperative because of its people; their sense of pride, innovation and culture of values.

Crate Label Gallery

Sunkist crate labels are a collectible art form that has come to symbolize an important part of California and American history.