Tips for Easy Wok Cooking

With these helpful hints, from Sunkist® citrus, you're on your way to mastering the satisfying art of healthy Asian cooking.

The Chinese Wok

Thousands of years ago, Chinese cooks figured out how to prepare healthy food quickly using a simple, versatile piece of equipment - the Chinese wok. You can use any large skillet for stir-frying, but inexpensive woks are readily available and ideally suited to the job. And with a wok, you can boil and steam, too.

How The Wok Works

One of the secrets to Asian cooking is heat. The wok's round-bottomed shape is designed to heat up quickly. Check out the Equipment and Tips and Techniques sections to learn more about choosing and using the Chinese wok.

Asian Cooking 101

The results are exotic, but most of the ingredients included here are easy to come by. As more Asians have immigrated to the United States, they've created a demand for the fruits, vegetables, fungi, sauces and noodles unique to their native cuisine. Pick up your fresh Sunkist® citrus and cruise down the ethnic food aisle. The Sauces and Ingredients section highlights the basic ingredients you'll need.