Track Your Daily Diet

What's on Your Plate?

Sunkist MyPlate Makeover Meals show you how easy it is to reduce calories, saturated fat and sodium in your diet by making small changes to everyday meals prepared at home and purchased at restaurants. Learn how you can start building healthier meals with healthy choices from Sunkist today.

Nutrition Brochure

Nutrition Brochure

There’s more to citrus than Vitamin C! Learn more in this printable easy to read brochure.
Healthy Citrus Meal Calendar

Meal Calendar

Begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle by adding fresh fruit into your daily diet.

Citrus Superfood Brochure

Superfruit Brochure

Did you know Sunkist® Citrus is a Superfood? It's True! Find out why in this PDF.

Multi-Vitamins Fall Short

Multi-Vitamins Fall Short

Vitamin C Supplements offer same health benefits as Vitamin C found in Fresh Citrus—FALSE!

If you’re counting on a daily vitamin C pill to keep you healthy, think again. Find out why swapping the supplement for the actual fruit may be your best bet!