Disease Protection

Flu Prevention

Sunkist oranges can help keep your immune system in optimal condition during the pesky cold and flu season. While there is no evidence that vitamin C prevents the common cold, a published summary of research studies suggests that vitamin C may have a modest effect on shortening the duration or lessening the severity of a cold if it is consumed before the onset of illness.1 During cold and flu season it is best to up your intake of vitamin C. Remember, unlike some vitamins, vitamin C cannot be stored by the body; so, it is important to replenish regularly to stay healthy and avoid the flu this season. Just one medium orange provides more than 100% of your daily vitamin C needs.

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*Some prescription drugs may interact with many foods including grapefruit. Anyone with questions about how their medication might interact with their diet should talk to their doctor or pharmacist for more information. For the majority of Americans, there is no reason to stop enjoying the delicious, healthy benefits of grapefruit.