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Sunkist is committed to promoting positive messages about the importance of healthy eating. Our cooperative's long history in the citrus industry has provided us with a rich background of knowledge and experience from which to share. Guided by the Sunkist Educational Advisory Board, we have created lesson plans and educational activities for elementary school children.

A lifetime of healthy eating begins at an early age. Oranges are one of the most popular fruits with both kids and adults, as well as one of the most nutritious. These activities will help young people learn more about the importance of adding fruits and vegetables to our daily diet while they learn other important cognitive and developmental skills. Back to School Doesn't Have to Mean Back to Junk Food. Registered Dietitian Ruth Carey Provides Tips on Back to School Nutrition. Listen here.

This interactive, educational game sends kids to Sunkist Agriculture School to learn the fundamentals of growing oranges, then gives them a chance to manage their very own Sunkist orange grove. At the end, they'll learn how many bushels their grove yielded and receive a letter grade.

Teacher's manual with lesson outline and reproducible activity sheets including an "All About Oranges" crossword puzzle, a "Just One Orange" tree-growing and charting exercise, kid-friendly food pyramid information and an easy to prepare fresh orange smoothie recipe. Orange Quarters

"Orbiting Oranges," an imaginative program that makes learning fun and excites children about healthful oranges. This three-component program includes an age-appropriate activity book that:

  • Teaches basic concepts about color, shapes and sizes, numbers, letters and relationships
  • Fosters independent inquiry, exploration and inferential thinking
  • Provides activities and recipes that can be shared with parents
  • Builds a positive image of oranges
  • Promotes 5 A Day-For Better Health messages

Sunkist encourages educators to photocopy and share this copyrighted material with students and other teachers.

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