Claire H. Smith

All Segments of the Sunkist Family Unite to Aid Hurricane Victims in Gulf States

September 30, 2005

September 30, 2005, Sherman Oaks, Calif….All segments of the Sunkist citrus cooperative family - growers, packers, and employees - responded immediately to the various needs of victims of the recent Gulf hurricanes with money, fruit, time and talents.

Money: The first need, as outlined in a letter by President and CEO Jeff Gargiulo in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, was monetary. Consequently, only days later a check in the amount of $116,575.13 was delivered to the American Red Cross for its discretionary use to help those left homeless, hungry and helpless. Blending their support in the total contribution were Sunkist management, growers, employees, and employees of Sunkist’s sister cooperative, the Fruit Growers Supply Co.

Fresh Fruit and Talent: Before destination decisions were finalized, Sunkist rolled two truckloads of fresh Valencia oranges towards the feeding of evacuees in shelters being set up in Houston and San Antonio, Texas. Further, Sunkist staff who handle transportation details on a daily basis, provided the leadership to coordinate the donation of a truckload of fresh produce items from California. This delivery, which included many pallets of oranges, was made to shelters in Mississippi and Alabama.

Packaged Fun Fruit: Another type of contribution was made by Sunkist’s Value Added Division, which specializes in the packaged fresh cut "Fun Fruit" line for use in school lunch and other institutional feeding programs. Twenty-thousand packages of pre-washed and sliced fresh Apple Grins were directed to a shelter housing program in Gulfport, Miss.

“We know recovery from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita will continue for a long time,” said Gargiulo. “We will continue to assess the assistance needs in the area and will work with officials and volunteers to coordinate the logistics for additional product deliveries and financial support.”



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