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Fontana Little League Team Named Grand Prize Winners of Sunkist's “Sensational Squeeze Play” Contest

Sunkist and Little League Baseball Team Up to Promote Healthy Snacking

June 26, 2006

FONTANA, CA (June 26, 2006) – Two outfield catches and a game-winning homerun is what it took for Southwest Police Cubs Little League® to be Sunkist’s grand prize winners in this season’s Sensational Squeeze Play contest, Sunkist announced today. As winners of the contest, the Cubs will get to enjoy a full month’s supply of delicious navel oranges from Sunkist and free admission to a Six Flags theme park, offered through Sunkist’s promotional alliance with Six Flags.

The Sensational Squeeze Play Contest ran from April 3 to May 12, 2006 and is part of Sunkist’s commitment to promote nutritious snacking for kids. Sunkist went searching across the country for the most sensational story about a play that helped deliver the team in a squeeze. Little League® players, coaches, family and friends nationwide entered by submitting a 100-word story about how their sensational play led the team to victory.

Renee Barrera submitted the winning entry on behalf of 10-year-old Roberto, an outfielder for the Southwest Police Cubs. Roberto had been struggling to connect with the ball, both at the plate and in the outfield. However, Roberto pulled it together at a pivotal moment to make two spectacular catches and then, with two strikes, pounded a homerun to win the game for his team!

"I’m excited to win the Sunkist contest just for helping my Little League Baseball team out in a pinch," said Roberto. "Oranges help me get energy so I can do my best on the field. And I'll be sure to eat a few before we head out to ride those huge roller coasters at Six Flags."

The South Lake Red Sox of Clermont, Florida and the Dodgers of Manlius, New York were chosen as first-place winners from among the many heartfelt entries submitted. Both teams will receive $250 worth of sporting equipment and a refreshing full-month’s supply of Sunkist navel oranges.

Healthy snacking isn’t just for Little League® players. In fact, it is especially important for all growing kids to eat healthy foods and replenish their bodies with abundant doses of Vitamin C. Just one medium Sunkist navel orange supplies 130% of the recommended daily value (RDV) of Vitamin C. Additionally, since most citrus fruit is packed with soluble fiber, an orange is more filling and satisfies hunger much longer than a high-calorie snack.

Both parents and kids can find smart snacking facts, tips, recipes and other helpful downloads at

As one of the world’s oldest and largest citrus marketing cooperatives, Sunkist Growers is owned by more than 6,000 citrus growers in California and Arizona, most of whom are small family farmers. For more information about Sunkist, please visit Sunkist is a registered trademark of 2006 Sunkist Growers, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Little League® Baseball and Softball, founded in 1939 in Williamsport, Penn., is the world’s largest organized youth sports program, made up of nearly 180,000 teams, approximately 2.7 million children and 1 million volunteers in every U.S. state and 75 other countries.



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