Claire H. Smith

Good News for Citrus Lovers

Sunkist oranges and specialty citrus
still available at season’s peak

February 09, 2007

Sherman Oaks, Calif. February 9, 2007..…Although the January chill brought damaging temperatures to the citrus growing areas in California and Arizona, Sunkist continues to have a steady supply of Navel oranges and other seasonal citrus specialties available. While the overall citrus supply will be substantially reduced, consumers are still able to enjoy western grown citrus at the peak of its season.

In addition to the Sunkist Navel Orange, citrus connoisseurs will find bright orange Minneola tangelos; raspberry-fleshed Blood Oranges and pink-fleshed Cara Cara Navels (The Power Orange), as well as sweet grapefruit specialties such as Pummelos and Sweeties, in their local produce sections.



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