Claire H. Smith

Sunkist Candies

More Choices…More Citrus Juice

May 20, 2009

Las Vegas, NV (April 2009)….. Sunkist Fruit Gems® have long been a favorite of candy connoisseurs everywhere. The delicious pectin candies are now made by one of the best known names in confections – the Jelly Belly Candy Company.

In 2006, Jelly Belly acquired Ben Myerson Candy Company, the originator of the famous Sunkist pectin treat. Headquartered in Fairfield, CA, Jelly Belly produces more than 100 different confections distributed nationwide and, increasingly, overseas.

Jelly Belly is already increasing sales of the high quality Sunkist products and has introduced new packaging in line with their premium brand image. A variety of Sunkist candies are now available in shapes and flavors that appeal to the taste buds of all ages.

In 2009, Jelly Belly is extending the product line to include more packaging options, and has introduced a new citrus blend of Jelly Belly jelly beans made with real juice. New packaging for the Sunkist line of products touts the value of 100% Vitamin C per serving and improved wrappers keep individual candies fresher longer. And, debuting at the All Candy Expo in Chicago next month will be new and improved Fruit Gems with real fruit juice added.



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