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Sunkist Cara Caras the Power Oranges

October 01, 2003

The Cara Cara is Orange Plus!

Research by the Sunkist Nutrition Bureau found a wealth of nutritional advantages packaged in this delightful piece of citrus -- newly branded "The Power Orange." Cara Cara Power Oranges are a special variety of juicy, low acid, seedless navels packed with more natural nutrition and minerals to power a healthy immune system.

Cara Caras are an excellent source of vitamin C, A and fiber; a good source of foliate and potassium, and a natural source of Lycopene, the disease-fighting antioxidant. The bright orange exterior covers a deep, rich pink pulp, which is extremely sweet, and few to no seeds. This power-packed citrus is gaining in popularity and with its lower acidity; it is a great treat for kids.

Sunkist Cara Cara's are available in new high graphics, consumer-friendly half cartons, bags and a new 4-piece Sunkist clamshell, all of which highlight the fruit's nutritional profile. Cara Caras are at their peak in December and January.



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