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Sunkist Growers Offers America’s Youth Hands-on Opportunity to Take a Stand for Katrina Victims

Sunkist Set to Match Up to $50,000 as Popular Lemonade Stand Program is
Activated to Benefit Hurricane Families

September 08, 2005

SHERMAN OAKS, Ca. (September 8, 2005) – Sunkist Growers announced today that they will mobilize their Take a Stand program for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, offering free Sunkist lemonade stands to the first 2,000 children who pledge to raise money for victims. Inspired by the example many children are already setting around the country, the Sunkist family of employees, growers and packers has pledged to match all lemonade stand donations up to $50,000.

“Kids see the TV reports and want to help too,” said Robert Verloop, vice president of marketing, Sunkist Growers. “For the past two years, we’ve seen kids do amazing things for their hometown charities through lemonade stand sales. During this national tragedy, we’re empowering kids to reach out and make a difference in a tangible and heartfelt way.”

Starting at 10:00 a.m. PST on Wednesday, September 7, children ages 7-18 who want to make a difference in this special way are encouraged to log on to and make a pledge to raise money for the Red Cross Katrina Relief Fund. The first 2,000 registrants will receive a free Sunkist lemonade stand. To help kids hold a successful fundraiser, Sunkist is also posting online helpful tips and tools.

To further help in relief efforts Sunkist is donating fresh Valencia oranges to the Houston area for relocated victims. In addition, they will contribute more fresh fruit to aid programs in Mississippi and Alabama as distribution channels open.

About Take a Stand
Going on its second year, the Take a Stand program provides Sunkist “Take a Stand” lemonade stands to kids who pledge to raise money for their favorite charities. Kids looking to join in the program and raise money for a good cause can get involved by visiting to get recipe ideas, tips for running a successful lemonade stand and information on how to order a stand.

About Sunkist
As one of the world's oldest and largest citrus marketing cooperatives, Sunkist Growers is owned by more than 6,000 citrus growers in California and Arizona, most of whom are small family farmers. For more information about Sunkist and the Take A Stand program, visit Sunkist is a registered trademark of ©2005 Sunkist Growers, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



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