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Sunkist honors sales leaders; makes plans for new season

October 02, 2003

Sherman Oaks, CA, Oct. 2, 2003...Sunkist Growers honored six members of its geographically diverse sales team for their outstanding performance at a two-day annual sales conference September 26-27.

"This annual event," said John McGuigan, Sunkist's vice president of fresh fruit sales, "brings together our sales force to review past successes, applaud outstanding individuals and develop successful sales and marketing plans for the upcoming season."

John LeMarquand, who heads the company's Montreal sales office, received the company's highest sales honor - The President's Award for Marketing Excellence - presented by Sunkist President Jeff Gargiulo.

"John exemplifies our approach to service-oriented sales leadership," said Gargiulo. "He led all others in sales with an overall 41% increase. In the lemon category he showed an 81% increase over the average; he had a 29% increase for navels; 23% for Valencias and turned in a 55% increase of grapefruit sales." LeMarquand is a 10-year Sunkist Veteran and has managed the Montreal office since 1998.

Sales Leader awards went to five others. John Slagel, director of Sunkist's Eastern Region, has consistently ranked among the top sales staff. He led his region to a $15 million increase in sales volume since 2000, registering a 12% increase in business. A Penn State graduate in agricultural economics, Slagel worked in the retail side of the produce business for eight years before joining Sunkist in 1991.

Also in the eastern division, Brad Blaine took his New York office to an 18% increase in sales, registering an 88% increase in grapefruit revenue and 28% increase for navel income. He joined Sunkist in 1995, serving in the Pittsburgh and Washington offices before being named to the New York office in June 2001.

Sarah Matejowsky, was named a 2003 Sales Leader for her achievements in Sunkist's Raleigh Office. A graduate of Texas A&M in Food Science and Technology, Matejowsky began her Sunkist career in the Houston office and is the first to manage the Raleigh office, since its opening in 2001.

Lorraine Ely of Sunkist's national sales office in Visalia was recognized for her outstanding performance in the foodservice sector. Under her leadership, there was an overall 38% increase in sales volume, with a 46% advance in lemon sales, 36% in navels; 13% for grapefruit and an 11% for seasonal specialties and pummelos. Ely's has moved rapidly up the sales ladder since her start as a clerk in sales operations in 1981.

Manager of the Boston Office Mike Ierardi was singled out for his office's performance - a four-time winner of Office of the Month during the 2002-03 season. The overall office revenue is up 16% and a sharp increase in sales revenue for seasonal specialties. He is a graduate of Bentley College in Waltham, Mass. with a degree in marketing and joined Sunkist in 1984.



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