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Sunkist® Navel Oranges... Coming Soon to a Market Near You!

October 01, 2003

There's a big crop of sweet California navel oranges on the tree this year. America's best eating orange will be available in limited quantities in early November, with volume shipments peaking January through March and continuing into April/May.

Crop volume is a bit lighter this year -- at an estimated 78 million cartons it's down by about 5 to 8 percent from last year. As a rule, a smaller crop volume usually yields fruit with a larger size structure, and this year is no exception. Early in the season, sizes are expected to peak on 88s and 72s followed by 56s. As the season progresses, the peak sizes are expected to shift to 72s and 88s followed by 56s.

"We're excited about this new crop of navels," said John McGuigan, Vice President of Domestic Fresh Fruit Sales. "The supply is manageable and the size potential is good. All and all it looks like the year ahead has every indication of being 'normal' -- and that's good. Because 'normal' for Sunkist® navel oranges means lots of sweet, juicy fruit for cooking, juicing and snacking."

This season's bright orange, virtually seedless fruit is easy to peel and easy to enjoy anywhere, anytime. Not only do consumers love the great flavor, they also enjoy the health benefits. One orange contains all the Vitamin C a person needs each day, as well as plenty of potassium, dietary fiber, folic acid and antioxidants. (And an added bonus, they are fat-free, sodium-free, cholesterol-free -- and only 80 calories.)

Everyone knows that oranges are a perfect snack food for young and old alike. Today's chefs, however, are finding them an exciting, flavorful ingredient in menus for any time of the day, or night. The sweet tangy fruit adds zest (not to mention all the nutritional benefits) to dishes from salads to main courses to desserts to beverages. Sunkist's newly redesigned website at has some great citrus recipes created by some of today's top chefs.

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