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Sunkist Provides The Healing Power Of Citrus to Combat Cold And Flu

Hot Lemonade Drink is a Great Addition to Eating Navel Oranges this Winter Season

November 18, 2003

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. (November 18, 2003) - Eating citrus fruit regularly has always been an important way to maintain a strong immune system, especially during the harsh winter season when colder temperatures, chilly winds and rainy weather are a common occurrence. Whether eating citrus fruit whole or drinking its juice, Sunkist oranges and lemons are Mother Nature's natural remedy to help prevent cold and flu this winter season.

With experts speculating a rise in flu symptoms this year, Sunkist suggests consuming citrus to help ward off illness and prevent disease. Eating a medium-sized Sunkist orange provides 130% of the recommended daily value (RDA) of Vitamin C and is an excellent source of fiber. Navel oranges are also a good source of folate and a natural source of flavanoids, antioxidants, potassium and many other vitamins and minerals that bolster the immune system and contribute to overall health.

"A crucial time for citrus intake is during the holiday season when the effects of stress wear on the body's immune function," said Dr. Liz Applegate, nutritionist and faculty member, University of California, Davis. "It is especially important to feed stress-related cravings with healthy foods, such as oranges and lemons that replenish the body with abundant doses of Vitamin C and other nutrients crucial for a healthy immune system."

The body does not store Vitamin C, so it is important to replenish it regularly. As an excellent source of Vitamin C, lemons and oranges are great to eat and juice all year round to help support a healthy cardiovascular system, protect against heart attacks and maintain healthy skin.

Sunkist recommends a tangy "Hot Lemonade" drink as a great addition to eating an orange. Inspired by Asian herbal remedies, one Hot Lemonade will soothe the throat, warm the tummy and provide 40 percent of the RDA of Vitamin C, all at the same time. A very simple, yet highly effective recipe, this zesty drink calls for one cup of boiling water, one-half teaspoon of honey and the juice from half of a fresh Sunkist lemon. Mix in a mug and drink up to help battle the season's worst sicknesses.

"Consumers can trust the benefits of Sunkist citrus fruit to help keep them healthy during another tough winter season," said Robert Verloop, vice president of marketing, Sunkist Growers. "Sunkist is pleased to provide citrus solutions to promote wellness and healthy living all year long."

As one of the world's oldest and largest citrus marketing cooperatives, Sunkist Growers is owned by more than 6,000 citrus growers in California and Arizona, most of whom are small family farmers. For more information about Sunkist, visit



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