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Sunkist Salutes A Record Achievement

June 02, 2003

Raleigh, North Carolina, June 2, 2003...Sunkist has always been recognized for quality citrus products -- and for quality citrus salespeople. Kimberly Joanne Mangum of its Raleigh, North Carolina sales office is living proof that those high standards continue!

At 33 years of age and after four long years of effort, Kim earned her master's degree in business administration from Meredith College, the largest private women's college in the Southeast. (Just for the record, men began enrolling in the college's graduate program in 2000.) And Kim was the only graduate student to earn a 4.0 grade point average.

"It's been a crowning moment for all for all of us," Kim's proud husband Gary was quoted as saying in the area's largest newspaper, the Raleigh News & Observer. Mangum earned her master's while working full time as a sales representative for Sunkist, the California/Arizona citrus marketing cooperative. Asked how she juggled her full time job and her studies, she said, "I think I was just determined. Everybody in that program was very determined."

"We're big Kimberly fans," says Sarah Matejowsky, manager of the Raleigh Sunkist Sales Office. "Her hard work and product knowledge are both huge assets -- and lifelong traits."

Magnum got her start in retail with Winn Dixie at the age of 16 and joined produce organization L&M Companies at 20, doing double duty working at both until joining L&M full time. "Sunkist and our customers are beneficiaries of her extensive experience and expertise," Matejowsky added.

"I've been fortunate to learn about the produce business from some of the very best in the industry," said Mangum, "and as part of an exceptional sales team here at Sunkist, I continue expanding my knowledge and enhancing my skills. I'm proud to be a part of the Sunkist family and proud to have a part in innovatively increasing the cooperative's competitive advantage."

"We know we're fortunate to have Kimberly as part of the Sunkist family and as a vital part of our sales team," said Matejowsky.



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