Claire H. Smith

'Tis the Season for Sensational Citrus from Sunkist®

Many popular seasonal recipes start with a juicy, energizing Sunkist Specialty citrus.

October 22, 2007

Houston, Texas, October 2007….. Sunkist's sensational seasonal citrus brightens up the late autumn and winter months, providing unique taste treats for consumers. Each Sunkist Specialty has a distinct flavor – from the sweet, tangy zing of a Cara Cara navel to the wild strawberry overtones of a Moro orange. And Sunkist offers some sensational retail support to encourage consumers to experience the amazing flavors of these holiday favorites.

Already there are some Sunkist specialty citrus varieties in the market and with larger volumes to come as the holidays approach. And supplies will be more abundant this year as Sunkist growers are producing more of these wonderful winter treats.

  • The first tangerines of the season, the Fairchilds, are already making their appearance. These seasonal favorites are popular as fresh snacks and for enhancing holiday dishes. You can find them with stem and leaf attached, a holiday favorite for table décor, or you can find them “bald”– but either way, you'll find them delicious.

  • The season’s first mandarin is the Satsuma, and supplies of this sweet, seedless fruit are already in the markets. Satsumas, with their naturally pebbled exterior texture, peel easily and eat like candy. This taste pleaser is always in high demand as the holiday’s approach.

  • The Sunkist Oro Blanco (White Gold in Spanish) truly lives up to its name. Connoisseurs say it tastes like a pre-sweetened grapefruit. This fruit, already in the market, is low in acid, making this a great salad ingredient. The early season fruit has a beautiful green exterior.

  • Sweetie is the name for the mid-late season Oroblanco. This fruit has a soft gold interior and an exterior color that ranges from pale green to gold. Its availability increases in late winter.

  • Sunkist Pummelos are back in the popular “Red Dragon” carton and there will be more of them than ever before. This fruit is already in the market in plenty of time for the gift giving holidays. The most popular mid-range sizes are abundant this year and will still be around in large volumes on Chinese New Year (February 7) to help usher in the year of the Rat. In the early season, this favorite has a green rind that progress to yellow with the season.

  • Fresh California Clementines in consumer-friendly 5-lb cartons will be in the market in early November. The exterior of this small-sized delicacy is a deep orange and the interior separates easily into sweet, juicy segments.

  • The delicious Cara Cara Navel (the Power Orange) with its beautiful orange exterior and rich pink interior, begins its season in late December. The fruit is very sweet with a low acid ratio, a high nutritional value and few, if any, seeds. A favorite with kids!

  • Moro Oranges are Sunkist's sweetheart variety – the darkest and most flavorful of the blood oranges (so called because of the red blush on the rind and the deep burgundy pulp inside.) The taste of this versatile fruit is sometimes described as “an orange kissed with wild strawberries,” and both its color and flavor make an ordinary dish extraordinary. Moros are available mid-December through mid-April.

  • Minneolas are a consumer favorite -- the tangelo variety easily distinguished by its intense red-orange color and the knob-like formation at its stem end. Supplies begin coming to market in mid-to-late December and this seedless, sweet, easy to peel citrus is available through March.

We know from experience that once consumers try a Sunkist Seasonal Specialty, they'll be asking for more. The key is to encourage that first bite. To that end, Sunkist offers in-store demonstrations so shoppers can “try before they buy.” Recipe cards and colorful point-of-purchase materials help consumers understand the special features and flavors of the Sunkist Seasonal Specialties.