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Sunkist NFC Orange Juice and Juice Drinks

"The Drink The Whole Family Can Enjoy!"
Sunkist NFC 100% orange juice is available in Canada in a 3.78-liter family jug, a 1.86-liter carton and a 1.65-liter PET bottle. This great tasting Sunkist juice is distributed throughout eastern Canada with plans for a national rollout.

Sunkist juices and juice drinks in Canada are products of A. Lassonde, Rougemont, Quebec, Canada, J0L 1M0.

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Sunkist Fruit Gems

"Naturally Flavored Soft Fruit Candies"
These gourmet, real fruit pectin candies capture the essence of Sunkist citrus fruit flavors- orange, lemon and grapefruit-with lime and raspberry thrown in just for fun! Sunkist Fruit Gems are made with natural flavors and are 100% fat free, with no preservatives or cholesterol.

Sunkist Fruit Gems can be found in gift stores, club stores and produce sections of supermarkets in many cities in the United States and Canada.

Sunkist Fruit Gems are products of the Ben Myerson Candy Company, Los Angeles, California 90021.

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Sunkist California Pistachios & Almonds

"California Goodness"
No one can resist the snacking pleasure that comes from a handful of Sunkist California Pistachios. Sunkist Pistachios, grown in the Central Valley of California, are ripened on the tree and processed in a state-of-the-art facility so that their shells open naturally, capturing their matchless flavor.

Peak-ripened and bursting with flavor, Sunkist California Almonds make a naturally irresistible snack. They are packed with protein, magnesium and vitamin E; Sunkist premium almonds are as nutritious as they are delicious. Available in convenient, resealable 10-oz. bags, and come in five varieties: Natural Sliced, Natural Whole, Blanched Whole, Blanched Slivered, and Natural Diced.

Sunkist Pistachios and Almonds are distributed in produce sections of supermarkets across the United States and Canada.

Sunkist Pistachios and Sunkist Almonds are products of Paramount Farms, Inc. Los Angeles, California 90064.

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Sunkist Almond Accents

"The Ultimate Salad Topper"
Available in 6 mouth-watering flavors, Sunkist Almond Accents flavored sliced almonds give ordinary dishes a gourmet touch. Toasted golden brown and seasoned to perfection, these versatile sliced almonds bring intense flavor, visual appeal and added crunch to salads, main dishes and desserts. They’re great for sprinkling on everything from yogurt to vegetable casseroles. Sunkist Almond Accents also make a delectable snack-right from the bag!

Sunkist Almond Accents are products of Paramount Farms, Inc. Los Angeles, California 90064.

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Sunkist Fruit First Fruit Snacks

"Over 30% Real Fruit"
Sunkist Fruit First Fruit Snacks - Canada Moms in Canada give their kids a great tasting, fun to eat, healthy snack with Sunkist Fruit First snacks. These products come eight pouches to a box in a variety of orange-blended flavors like: orange/peach; orange/strawberry-banana or orange/grape-cherry. There is over 30% real fruit in each bite-sized, chewy morsel.

These healthy fruit snacks can be found in grocery stores throughout Canada.

Sunkist Fruit First fruit snacks are products of Ganong Bros. Ltd. St Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada.

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Sunkist Vitamin C & Supplements

Consumers in Canada can choose from a full line of Sunkist Vitamin C supplements from one of the country's leading manufacturers of nutritional products, WN Pharmaceuticals. The Sunkist product range includes Sunkist Vitamin C easy swallow tablets, Ester-C branded tablets, Vitamin C chewable tablets and Zinc throat lozenges. In addition, a special line of multivitamins and immune builders for children is available under the Sunkist "Sunkids" label. All of these products and supplements can be found throughout Canada in drug, grocery and club stores.

Sunkist vitamins and supplements are products of WN Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, V3N 4T6.

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