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Sunkist® Soft Drinks

"Feel All Orange Inside®"

Sunkist Orange Soda  

With its smooth orange taste so real you can feel it, Sunkist orange soda provides the ultimate orange experience.

Sunkist Orange Soda is the #1 packaged orange soda in the United States.  Sunkist soda is also available in diet orange, lemonade, and other fruit flavors in various markets throughout the U.S.

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Sunkist soft drinks are products of Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. Plano, Texas 75024.

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Sunkist Fruit Gems®

"Naturally Flavored Soft Fruit Candies"

Sunkist Fruit Gems

These gourmet, real fruit pectin candies capture the essence of Sunkist citrus fruit flavors- orange, lemon and grapefruit-with lime and raspberry thrown in just for fun! Sunkist Fruit Gems are made with natural flavors and are 100% fat free, with no preservatives or cholesterol.

Sunkist Fruit Gems can be found in gift stores, club stores and produce sections of supermarkets in many cities in the United States and Canada.

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Sunkist Fruit Gems are products of the Jelly Belly Candy Company, Fairfield, California 94533.

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Sunkist Dispensed Juices


"Liquid Sunshine"

A wide variety of Sunkist packaged and dispensed juices are served in schools, businesses, and institutions throughout the nation. Wherever you find health conscious consumers looking for a nutritional choice, you will find Sunkist dispensed juices.

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Sunkist dispensed juices are products of Nestle Professional, Tampa, Florida 33602.

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Sunkist Fruit Snacks

"The snack the whole family can enjoy!"

Sunkist Fruit Snacks will provide parents with a healthier alternative to candy. The entire family will enjoy the great taste of these individually wrapped pouches, perfect for lunches, after school snacks, or an on-the-go healthy snack at work. Each single serve pouch contains a day's recommended vitamin C. Delicious Sunkist Fruit Snacks in Mixed Fruit flavor are available at grocery stores throughout the US.

Sunkist Fruit Snacks are products of General Mills Inc., Fruit Snack Division, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55440.

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Sunkist Baking Mixes

"Baking With Mother Nature's Goodness"

For many years, consumers have looked to Betty Crocker® for great tasting, easy to make baked goods and the same consumers sought the best tasting natural citrus flavors from Sunkist. Since the 1960's Sunkist and Betty Crocker® have delivered their best with Sunkist Lemon Bars and Sunkist Lemon-Poppy Seed Muffin Mix.

They are the perfect products for parents looking to give great tasting baked goods to their families.

Sunkist Lemon Bars and Sunkist Lemon-Poppy Seed baking mixes are marketed by General Mills, Inc., Baking Division, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55426.


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Sunkist Vitamin C & Supplements

Sunkist offers a full line of Sunkist Vitamin C supplements. The Sunkist product range includes Sunkist Vitamin C easy swallow tablets, Vitamin C chewable tablets, Berry Greens, Berries, Omega-3 and Zinc throat lozenges. All of these products and supplements can be found in drug, grocery, club and online stores in US, Canada, Japan and Korea.

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Sunkist vitamins and supplements are products of WN Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, V3N 4T6.

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Sunkist Smoothie Mix

Try our new icy, Lemon and Orange smoothie mix, perfect for the summer months.

Just add fresh citrus or juice, ice, water and mix and blend for a frosty, cool treat. Orange smoothie has 100% Vitamin C and is a good source of Calcium (as prepared). Try new Banana and Strawberry Pomegranate Smart Smoothie™ Mix. Low in sugar and a great drink for everyday healthy living.

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Sunkist Smoothie Mix are products of Concord Foods, Brockton, MA 02301

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Sunkist Fruit Gummies

"Better for you!"

New Sunkist Fruit Gummies have only 70 calories per serving. It has 35% less sugar than the average leading gummy brands, but contains 100% RDA of Vitamin C.

Fun shaped as strawberry, lemon, orange and cherry. It also comes with sour gummies, they are sure to make your lips smack and pucker with unexpected sour intensity.

Sunkist Fruit Gummies are products of Healthy Foods Brand, Commack, NY 11725

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