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Grape Parfait Recipe

Sunkist® Grape Parfait Recipe

A cool and healthy fruit parfait with sweet spices and crunchy shredded wheat.

Try it with this citrus:
Tangerines, Seasonal Specialties, and Valencia Oranges

Recipes Using Sunkist Grapes

You know Sunkist Growers for our citrus, but did you know Sunkist is now offering premium grapes?

Grape season begins in May and runs through to December. You can find these smooth skinned berries by the bunch in red, black, blue, orange and even pink, in the table variety and the celebrated wine-making variety.

Grapes aren't just for wines and raisins. Bring home a Sunkist bunch today for snacking, jellies, salads, and sweets. They even work well with main entrees and meats!