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Guacamole with Sunkist Lime

Guacamole with Sunkist® Lime

A tasty traditional guacamole dip recipe using Sunkist Limes as a natural flavor enhancer.

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Sunkist Limes

Recipes Using Sunkist Limes

Sunkist limes are available year round, with peak supply in May. They have a distinctive piney and floral flavor with spicy aroma notes. Limes are a staple in the cuisines of Latin America, Southeast Asia, India, Africa and the West Indies. The most acidic of citrus fruits, Limes have traditionally been used as a natural flavor enhancer in everything from marinades and soups to beverages.

Try the delicious Lime Recipes below in your home cooking to discover the piney and floral flavor of Sunkist Limes.