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Pummelo and Shrimp Thai Laarb Bites

Pummelo and Shrimp Thai Laarb Bites

Sunkist Orlando Tangelo kicks up the flavor of this traditional favorite.

Try it with this citrus:
Pummelo or Grapefruit

Recipes Using Pummelos

Pummelos are available from the end of October through early April. The largest citrus fruit, Pummelos closely resemble grapefruit, but with a green to yellow skin and more interior segments. The taste of Pummelos is unique as it is aromatic, sweeter and less acidic than grapefruit. Pummelo segments are large and deliciously juicy.

Try the delicious Pummelo Recipes below in your home cooking to discover the unique, sweet flavor of Sunkist Pummelos.