Garnish your party with Sunkist® lemons and wow your guests!

Nothing brightens up a room with sunny color better than Sunkist® lemons! Bring the flavor of lemons into your dishes, beverages…and your decor. Keep lots of lemons on hand and really make your party spectacular!



Lemon Potpourri
Bake lemon slices on a cookie-drying rack in a 175-degree oven for four to six hours, then add to your potpourris. Dried slices are also great for decorating wreaths or adorning gift boxes.
Sunny centerpieces
Lemons add a fresh look – and a fresh scent to any table. Create a lemon posey. Start with a clear glass container, then put another slightly smaller container inside. Slice lemons and slide them between two containers. Fill the smaller one with water and your favorite yellow and white spring buds.
Lemon place card holders
Score a lemon, insert a name card in it and place at each setting for a bright burst of color on your table.


Add a touch

Floating lemons
Slice lemons into a clear glass pitcher of ice water, fruit punch, lemonade, sparkling water or wine spritzers to add some zest to any refreshing beverage.
Lemon boats
Cut lemons in half lengthwise, hollow out the pulp and fill the rind with lemon custard, sherbet or mousse for a lemony sweet dessert with appeal!
Recipes with a twist
Nothing adds zest to a dish like a squeeze of lemon. Add it to just about any dish. For a fresh touch on your platters, line the bottom of a serving dish with slices of lemon and lay grilled lamb chops, jumbo shrimp or citrus-infused chicken salad on top – garnish with more slices of lemon and a few sprigs of dill. Search for recipes here.

Looking for other versatile ways to use lemons? Discover more unique tips in our Lemon-Aids brochure.