Sunkist Speedway® Game

Key Features

  • 5 levels (each level has a different challenge and citrus fruit)
  • Compete against your friends for the highest score on the leaderboards
  • Share your game experience and score with friends and competitors through Facebook and Twitter
  • 23 achievements to earn like 'Lemon Lover' and 'Cara Cara Champ'
  • Cool citrus facts between each level
  • Responsive tilting interface
  • Compatible with Open Feint and Game Center
  • High detail 3D graphics

Sunkist Speedway® is fun for all ages! Challenge friends and family to see who's the best Citrus Collector!


Get on the speedway with Sunkist® citrus! Earn the highest score possible by avoiding obstacles and picking up citrus fruits as fuel in this endurance style raceway game. The game doesn't end until you run out of gas or destroy your car. There are 5 levels of the game for you to test your steering skills. Pick up different citrus varieties on each level and learn cool citrus tips and facts along the way.

This simple, yet challenging game will keep you addicted for hours! Keep playing to earn the highest score and get all 23 special achievements. Compete against friends by comparing your scores in Game Center or Open Feint (you can share your scores on Facebook & Twitter too).


5 Star Review

Great game, very addicting

by mparsi1

Really fun and addictive. Easy to play, but challenging to get a good score and advance to more levels...good one to have

Test Your Skill & Earn Achievements

Sunkist Speedway Achievements
  • Lemon Lover - Collect 10 Lemon slices in a single game
  • Grapefruit Gorger - Collect 10 Grapefruit Slices in a single game
  • Lime Liker - Collect 10 Lime Slices in a single game
  • Obsessed with Oranges - Collect 10 Orange slices
  • Pummelo Powerhouse - Collect 10 Pummelo slices
  • Blood Orange Booster - Collect 10 Blood orange slices
  • Cara Cara Champ - Collect 10 Cara Cara slices
  • Super Citrus - Collect 1 of each fruit in a single game
  • Getting Started - Finish a game
  • Perfect Driver - Complete 5 consecutive laps without hitting an obstacle.
  • Citrus Collector - Collect 50 Fruit Slices
  • Super Citrus Collector - Collect 100 Fruit Slices
  • Amazing Citrus Collector - Collect 500 Fruit Slices
  • Expert Driver - Get to Lap 25 in a Single Game
  • All Modes - Unlock All Five Game Modes
  • Share - Share your score on Facebook or Twitter
  • Long Haul - Complete a total of 250 Laps (over multiple games)
  • Good Score - Score 10000 Points in a single game.
  • Great Score - Score 20000 Points in a single game.
  • Awesome Score - Score 30000 Points in a single game.
  • Reckless Racer - Crash 50 Cars
  • Citrus Deficient - Run out of Fuel 50 Times
  • Need Some Help - View the help screen