Joselyne and David's Family Recipes

Here's a heart-warming dish that brings back fond childhood memories for Joselyne and her brother David. A family favorite from when they lived in South Africa, it's the Harissa Sunkist® Navel Orange Chicken!

Harissa Sunkist® Navel Orange Chicken

Passed down from Joselyne & David’s family in South Africa, the Harissa Sunkist® Navel Orange Chicken recipe is still a big hit with the kids. Just ask Alexia!

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Sunkist® Blood and Navel Orange Beet Salad ​

The smell of fresh Sunkist® citrus brings back memories of summer and big family BBQs. This refreshing salad is always a hit! It's also one of the first meals Joselyne ever made for her husband back when they were dating!

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