Lemons are wonderful in recipes, but they’re also great all-natural cleaners. Here are just a few of the uses for lemons around the home.

  • A bowl of lemons, naturally floral in fragrance, will liven up any space.
  • Rub your hands with a wedge of lemon to get rid of lingering odors, grease, and oil. As an added benefit, it will also keep your hands soft and smooth.
  • Fresh lemon juice can clean copper pots, pans, and bowls. A salt and lemon paste can remove oxidation and is environmentally friendly.
  • Leftover lemon peels can be used to fertilize roses or other plants that need extra acidity.
  • Boil fresh lemon juice or sliced lemons and water in an aluminum pot or kettle to remove discoloration. You can also clean pots with a cloth dipped in lemon juice, then rinse them in warm water.
  • To make glass sparkle like new, rub it with cut lemon or soak it in lemon juice and water. Rinse well, then dry with a lint-free cloth. This works especially well on glass decanters and coffee pots.
  • Put lemon peels in the fireplace for a lovely fragrance when the fire is lit.
  • To remove odors from cutting boards, rub them with half a lemon, then rinse well and dry.
  • Keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh by grinding up lemon peels after juicing.
  • To remove stains from clothes, mix 1/3 cup lemon juice with water. Soak the stain, then wash.
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