Talents include making
taste buds happy.

And making the snack aisle real jealous.

Just when you think something can’t be THAT delicious while also being THAT nutritious, mandarins come along and change everything.

Mandarins are honestly in a league of their own (though they’d never say that, they’re too sweet to go bragging about themselves all day). They’re easy to peel, easy to love, and loaded with vitamin C. And they’re not just a great snack. Mandarins are amazing in pretty much any recipe you could think of. Salads? Yup. Cocktails? You betcha. Desserts? Um, obviously.

Oh, and did we mention they’re seedless? We know, we know. Mandarins are the total package.

  • 80% daily value of Vitamin C

    Talk about a nutritional punch.

  • Just grab ‘em and go

    And let the snacking begin.

  • Easy to peel

    Hey, they don’t call them a Delite® for nothing.