Sunkist Growers Promotes Fresh Citrus Varieties and Trends at the PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo

July 21, 2014, MONTEREY, CA—Fresh ingredients are dominating restaurant menus across the country and nothing denotes “fresh” more than crisp, bright, refreshing citrus. From fast-casual to special occasion, from appetizers to entrees, desserts and beverages, diners are embracing the zesty flavors of fresh citrus as part of their culinary experience.
Sunkist will be showcasing its over 40 varieties of fresh citrus at this year’s PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo on July 25-27, allowing foodservice trade to sample fresh mixology recipes that highlight trending global influences and Meyer lemons, a variety that is quickly growing in popularity.
“Lemon demand is stronger than ever, and specialty varieties like the Meyer lemon provide new, exciting flavors that consumers are embracing on items across the menu,” said Sunkist Advertising and Public Relations Manager, Joan Wickham. “At this year’s PMA Foodservice Conference & Expo, we are pleased to be sharing two fresh mixology recipes that highlight the versatility of Meyer lemons to trade.”
Thought to be a cross between a mandarin orange and lemon, Meyer lemons are sweeter than conventional lemons and have a beautiful, bright thin skin. Their sweeter flavor has quickly made them a culinary favorite that Sunkist is pleased to offer year-round.
To showcase the variety, Sunkist Chef Robert Danhi will be at the Sunkist booth serving up fresh cocktails and mock-tails with a Southeast Asian flair for attendees, including a refreshing Sunkist Meyer Lemon-Rose Summer Splash cocktail and a non-alcoholic Sunkist Lemonade with Chinese Dates and Star Anise.
As part of the tradeshow’s new product showcase, Sunkist will be featuring Sunkist Family Stories. This new multimedia storytelling project tells the stories of the families that make up the 120-year old citrus cooperative – offering a glimpse into the life of today’s modern farmer.
“Diners are increasingly aware of and interested in the stories behind their food,” added Wickham. “As a 120-year old cooperative with a rich history in California and Arizona, Sunkist has many powerful narratives that speak to who we are as a company and supplier – and we are excited to share those stories with the foodservice trade with our Sunkist Family Stories program.”