Organic Citrus Sales on the Rise, Sunkist’s Increasing Supply Ready to Meet Growing Demand

January 5, 2017, Valencia, CA – As the organic category continues to grow, so does demand for organic citrus – including seasonal easy-peel varieties.  According to IRI Worldwide Data, sales of organic easy-peel citrus varieties last year were up over 70 percent in dollars and 60 percent in volume.

“Consumers today are making thoughtful choices about their produce, and we see that trend in the rapidly expanding organic category. As the market for organics grows, there is a lot of opportunity for organic citrus, including mandarins and other easy-peel varieties which are such a popular segment of the citrus category,” said Sunkist Director of Communications Joan Wickham. “Last year’s data showed a dramatic increase in organic easy-peel sales, and we expect that trend to continue in all seasonal varieties as more supply becomes available. Sunkist offers a wide array of organic packaging and merchandising materials to help retailers capitalize on the organic category.”

Sunkist offers a broad portfolio of organics including mandarins, Minneola tangelos, Navel, Cara Cara Navel and Valencia oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes. Paired with a strong supply of conventional citrus, Sunkist is able to supply our customers’ entire citrus program.

“Sunkist offers over 40 varieties of fresh premium citrus grown by our members in California and Arizona,” added Wickham. “Many of the farming families in the Sunkist cooperative have been growing citrus for generations, preserving their land for the future through their commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. Sunkist offers engaging content to help our customers leverage this commitment by telling the powerful stories of our growers.”

The Sunkist Family Story program is a multimedia storytelling project that allows consumers to experience the history, heritage and dedication of Sunkist’s family farmers. A microsite with video, imagery and vignettes along with social media content and retail point-of-sale materials bring the Sunkist story to life.

To learn more about Sunkist, visit  or contact the Sunkist sales team at [email protected].


Sunkist Growers is a citrus marketing cooperative, founded in 1893, which is owned by and operated for thousands of family farmers growing citrus in California and Arizona. 

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