Sunkist Growers Previews 2013/14 Citrus Season at PMA Fresh Summit

Sept. 30, 2013, Sherman Oaks, CA — Leaves are falling, cooler temperatures are setting in and days are getting shorter – but citrus season is almost here to brighten late autumn and winter months! Sunkist is ushering in its 2013/14 season at PMA Fresh Summit, and it’s going to be delicious!

“Wintertime may bring cold and snow in many parts of the country, but in California – it brings fresh citrus,” said Sunkist Advertising and Public Relations Manager Joan Wickham. “We’re pleased to be featuring our seasonal varieties at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit, showing our trading partners and consumers what is in store for the 2013/14 Sunkist season.”

Offering over 35 citrus varieties, Sunkist is showcasing the wide array of product options that the cooperative offers its customers. From organic offerings, seasonal packaging, point-of-sale materials, eye-catching displays and nutritional and taste profiles, Sunkist has all the tools that retailers need to create successful citrus programs.

Bright, juicy and sweet, navel oranges remain a seasonal favorite and one of the most popular fruits among consumers. Seedless, easy to peel and packed with Vitamin C, Sunkist navel oranges are available November – May and considered among the best oranges for peeling and eating. Sunkist offers retailers decorative holiday and Lunar New Year 10-pound cartons for navel oranges to capitalize on seasonal consumer excitement.

In Canada, Sunkist will be offering its popular hockey promotion for retailers again this winter. Sunkist is continuing the partnership with the Okanagan Hockey School (OHS), offering a consumer contest that provides kids the chance to attend the prestigious OHS Hockey School in Penticton, British Columbia. Sunkist will offer themed 10-pound cartons, Giro bags and 4-pound net bags promoting the program.

Sunkist also offers specialty orange varieties, such as the Cara Cara navel, available December – May, which Sunkist has branded The Power Orange® because of its nutritional punch. With their beautiful red flesh and intense orange taste with hints of berry, Moro (blood) oranges are another seasonal favorite, available December – mid-April. At PMA Fresh Summit, Sunkist will be sampling a delicious orange recipe by Chef Jill Davie, Sunkist Orange Chipotle Pulled Pork Sandwiches.

Sunkist will also be featuring modern uses for grapefruit at PMA Fresh Summit with the “Not Your Mother’s Grapefruit” campaign, aimed at reigniting the fruit’s popularity by educating younger consumers about this delicious, nutrient-rich superfood. Vibrant packaging touting the nutrition and weight loss benefits of grapefruit will be displayed at the show and featured in the New Product Showcase. Each afternoon, Sunkist will be inviting attendees to happy hour at their booth for a Sunkist Grapefruit Honey Ginger Fizz cocktail, allowing them to sample the delicious tart-sweet grapefruit flavor in a refreshing drink. Partnerships with Texas and Florida grower-shippers allow Sunkist to offer grapefruit year-round in bulk as well as multiple poly, net and combo bag options. An online grapefruit brochure with more information about the health and wellness benefits of grapefruit is available on Sunkist’s website.

Crisp, juicy and energizing, lemons are a holiday staple that Sunkist is pleased to offer year-round. At PMA Fresh Summit, Sunkist will highlight its many lemon offerings including: conventional, organic, Meyer and seedless. Packaged in bright, convenient pouch and net bags, Sunkist lemons shine on the shelf and in the fridge. Sunkist’s high graphic lemon pouch bags will be on display as part of the PMA Fresh Summit New Product Showcase. Chef Jill Davie will serve a Sunkist Bacon Egg Lemonaise Sandwich for attendees, showcasing the versatility of lemons as an ingredient. Visitors to Sunkist’s booth will also be able to sample lemon-infused water, the healthy, refreshing beverage that Sunkist has branded The Ultimate Diet Drink®.

Lil Snappers™, the cooperative’s newest product offering, will also be featured at Sunkist’s PMA Fresh Summit booth. Lil Snappers are premium, kid-sized fruits packaged in convenient, 3-lb re-sealable stand up pouch bags perfect for lunches, treats and snacks. In collaboration with Stemilt Growers, the two companies offer over 20 citrus, apple and pear varieties of Lil Snappers, including multiple organic varieties, which are perfectly sized for little hands.

Photo (top right): Sunkist holiday themed 10-pound navel carton
Photo (middle left): Sunkist Grapefruit Honey Ginger Fizz cocktail
Photo: (bottom right): Lil Snappers citrus pouch bags