Yogurt Parfait

Number of servings


  • 125 ml Greek style, full fat yogurt (low fat yogurt optional)
  • 8 Sunkist Minneola tangelo segments
  • Cardamom pods and maple syrup spiced ‎oats to taste
  • Small handful of coconut shavings
  • Tiny handful of finely chopped mint
  • Edible flowers for garnish


  1. In a stemless wine glass, fill the glass with half the yogurt
  2. Add half the Sunkist Minneola tangelo segments
  3. Add the rest of the yogurt and follow that with the rest of the Sunkist Minneola tangelo segments
  4. Sprinkle the cardamom/maple syrup spiced oats on top of the Sunkist Minneola tangelo segments
  5. Sprinkle coconut shavings on top of the oats
  6. Sprinkle chopped mint on top of the coconut shavings
  7. Add edible flowers to garnish

Maple Syrup Spiced Oats Recipe


  1. Scatter oats loosely onto a baking sheet. Pour about 10-15 ml of Ontario maple syrup on top of the oats. Toast at 300 degrees in an oven for 8 minutes getting the oats nice and toasty.