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Sunkist Grapefruit VarietiesFresh Sunkist® grapefruit from California and Arizona are available all year. Several pink or red types are popular (Ruby/Marsh Ruby, Star Ruby, Rio Red), as well as the White grapefruit.

The flesh of the Grapefruit is sweet and juicy with a sour cherry aroma. Though the interior colors vary from white, to champagne, to deep red, Western grown grapefruit have a unique flavor profile based on the variety and region it is grown in. Look for grapefruit with firm, smooth skin.

Texas Rio-Star grapefruits are extremely juicy with a succulent tangy flavor and known for their thin skin and deep red flesh and sweet aftertaste. They are available from mid-October through April.


Yes, Please!

Sunkist GrapefruitValued for their juice and their fresh flesh, their unique balance of sweetness and tang make grapefruit hard to resist. Since they contain no fat, no cholesterol, and no sodium and they are rich in vitamins A and C, there's no reason to say no!

Ever tried peeling and eating a grapefruit like you would an orange? It's delicious!

Juicy Fact

Pummelos, also called Chinese grapefruit, are the largest citrus fruit! The peel is thick and green on the outside, while the interior is either white or pink. Pummelos are slightly milder tasting than regular grapefruit, but they are very aromatic. In season November through March, Pummelos are especially popular for Chinese New Year.

Other Sunkist grapefruit varieties include Sweeties and Melo Golds. You can read more about these on our seasonal specialties page.

Sunkist GrapefruitGrapefruit Tips

  • A grapefruit half sprinkled with brown sugar and run under the broiler until bubbly makes a great breakfast treat.
  • Let kids dip fresh segments into flavored yogurt for a healthy after-school snack.
  • Grapefruit segments partner well with avocado over your favorite greens for a classic salad.

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