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The name you’ve grown to trust for citrus now offers top-quality, premium table grapes from Sunkist growers.

Sunkist® table grapes include a variety of popular red, green and black seedless grapes as well as the Red Globe seeded variety. The season begins in May in the California desert and continues to the San Joaquin Valley through December.

Fun Facts
Grapes were originally grown in what is current Southern Turkey. Yeast naturally occurs on the skin of grapes, creating the ability to make alcoholic drinks with it. Ancient Egyptians documented grape cultivation in hieroglyphics. Later, grape growing spread to Europe and ultimately to North America. The first grapes cultivated in North America were grown by the Spanish at monasteries in California.

Grape Information
Grapes grow in clusters of 15 to over 300. They can be various colors ranging from crimson, black, dark blue, yellow, green, orange, and all the way to pink. Grapes commonly referred to as "White" are actually green in color, and derived from the purple grape.

Grapes Seasonality Chart

Grape BagsCommercially grown grapes are normally classified as either table or wine grapes, based on how they will be used: eaten raw (table grapes) or used to make wine (wine grapes). While almost all grapes belong to the same family, table and wine grapes have significant differences, brought about through different growing techniques. Table grapes typically have large, seedless fruit with relatively thin skin. Wine grapes are smaller, usually seeded, and have thicker skins (a desirable characteristic for making wine).

Like citrus, grapes are a great-tasting, convenient, and healthy product that everyone loves. A century of expertise, now sold by the bunch.

Sunkist® Grape Recipes:

Sunkist® Grape Parfait

Curry Scented Roasted Chicken Breasts with Sunkist® Grapes, Orange and Feta Salsa

Sunkist Grape Box


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