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Sunkist Lemon Cupcake Cones 
View this Featured Lemon Recipe: Sunkist Lemon Cupcake Cones
Nutrition Facts
The Zesty Essence of Good Health

Fresh Sunkist® lemons from California and Arizona are available all year. These two states produce approximately 95 percent of the U.S. crop. Bright yellow, tart and tangy, lemons are a versatile element of today's healthy diet.

The two major varieties of lemons are the Lisbon and the Eureka; they are so similar that even the experts can't always tell them apart!

Juicy Fact

The Meyer lemon, actually a cross between a lemon and possibly an orange or a mandarin, was named for Frank N. Meyer who first discovered it in 1908.

Thin-skinned and slightly less acidic than the Lisbon and Eureka lemons, Meyer lemons require more care when shipping and are not widely grown on a commercial basis.

Lemon Tips

  • A bowl of fresh lemons will add fragrance and color to a room for days.
  • Add a slice or two of fresh lemon to a glass of water. It has visual appeal and makes the water taste and smell better.
  • If you are reducing your sodium or fat intake, try squeezing a wedge of fresh lemon on salads, steamed vegetables, soups and stews. You'll never miss the salt or butter!
  • Roll a room temperature lemon on the counter a few times to maximize the amount of juice.
  • Add the grated zest of fresh lemon to recipes for added intensity in cakes and cookies.

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