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Nutrition Facts
The Versatile Flavor Enhancer

Sunkist® limes, with their distinctive piney and floral flavor and spicy aroma notes, are a staple in the cuisines of Latin America, Southeast Asia, India, Africa and the West Indies. Colors vary from bright green to pale yellow. Limes have thin skin, few seeds and are an excellent source of vitamin C. The most acidic of the citrus fruits, Sunkist limes are a versatile natural flavor enhancer in everything from marinades to soups and beverages. Limes are available year-round, with peak supplies in May through August.

Juicy Fact

There are two main varieties of limes, Mexican (or Key) and Persian (or Bearrs). The Sunkist limes at your grocery store are the Persian variety. They are larger, thicker-skinned and bright green in color. Limes have more sugar and citric acid than do lemons. Limes will keep in the refrigerator for up to two weeks and at room temperature for up to one week.

Lime Tips

  • Substitute fresh Sunkist limes or fresh-squeezed Sunkist lime juice in any recipe calling for lemons.
  • Squeeze a bit of fresh lime into any non-creamy soup for a lively, bright flavor note.
  • For the best Margarita you've ever tasted, pass on the bottled mix and use fresh-squeezed Sunkist lime juice, sweetened to taste.
  • Add lime cartwheels, wedges and twists to carbonated beverages and iced tea.
  • Always have plenty of Sunkist limes on hand when hosting a party, for an elegant twist in cocktails, sparkling water and soft drinks.
  • Add lime zest to butter to dress plain vegetables or grilled meat, fish and poultry.
  • Brighten the flavor of your favorite store-bought guacamole with a squeeze of Sunkist lime juice.
  • Sunkist limes are the secret ingredients in the best homemade salsas.
  • Add freshly-squeezed Sunkist lime juice to your next stir-fry.
  • Have you ever cooked without heat? Limes provide the enzymatic "cooking" action that turns raw seafood into delicious ceviche.
  • Use the rind of juiced limes to clean your copper-bottomed pans.