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In addition to finding fresh Sunkist citrus in dozens of global markets, you'll find the Sunkist brand on more than 600 products in over forty-five countries on five continents. Sunkist is a leading food and beverage licensor, partnering with over 50 food and beverage companies that gross annual sales with Sunkist brand products in excess of $1.1 billion globally. Our partners, like Sunkist, take pride in producing the highest quality goods that the consumer expects in the Sunkist brand.

Sunkist brand products can be found in several categories, including Fruit Juice and Fruit Juice Drinks, Carbonated Beverages, Fruit Snacks, Beverage Concentrates, Vitamins, Frozen Fruit Confections, Chilled Fruit Jellies and Powdered Fruit Drinks. To date, consumers around the world have enjoyed more than 350 billion Sunkist branded products.

  • In Asia, the Sunkist brand delivers the world's best citrus, but is also known as a leading juice and juice drink in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. Sunkist is the leading juice drink in Malaysia and an emerging branded juice drink in Indonesia.

  • Sunkist Vitamins are widely available in the U.S., Canada, and Korea.

  • Sunkist products have a long history in several Persian Gulf States. Besides being a major juice brand, Sunkist is the market leader in juice drink cups in the Kuwaiti market.

  • Juice-containing frozen confections and lemon juice complement the core equities in markets including the United Kingdom and Northern Europe.

  • Teenagers from Australia to Hong Kong to the United Kingdom and in more than a dozen other nations call Sunkist Orange Soda their favorite soft drink.

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