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A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and UC Santa Cruz, Chef Jill Davie has won numerous accolades from the press, her schools, and everyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing her food. In January 2005, when she was Chef de Cuisine at Josie Restaurant in Los Angeles, it was featured on the cover of Los Angeles Magazine as one of the 25 Best Restaurants in L.A. It was at that time that Sunkist hired Jill to be their official spokesperson. Initially hired as the Sunkist Lemon Lady®, she was featured on numerous radio shows, print articles, and even a whirlwind of television appearances throughout the U.S., Canada, and Korea. Since that time, Jill has represented Sunkist at nearly every industry event and has become a member of the Sunkist family.

Chef Davie’s passion for food and wine is boundless. Drawing inspiration from her classic French training and her California upbringing, Jill’s creativity shines through her every dish. Her positive and cheerful approach to running a successful kitchen has gained her respect and admiration among fellow chefs and patrons alike. Jill says, "As a chef, understanding the seasons brings a sense of structure, rhythm and rightness to my cooking. I love infusing fresh ingredients into my menu, in particular, seasonal ingredients that make sense for the palate. Citrus fruits like navel oranges and lemons offer a unique versatility, from their sweet and tangy taste and vibrant color to their wonderful nutritional benefits. I stock my pantry full of fresh citrus fruits so I can use them to create sweet and savory pairings."

In August 2006, Chef Davie brought home the $10,000 grand prize on the Food Network's "Hot Chefs: South Beach" competition and was a contestant on "The Next Iron Chef" in 2007. She has also appeared on Recipe T.V. and starred in four other Food Network programs including "Date Plate," "Party Starters," "Ultimate Restaurants," and "Challenge," in which she bested four other chefs and took home the title "Top Chef." Jill can currently be seen as the co-host of "Shopping with Chefs" on the Fine Living Channel, and she is a partner and head chef at Venice Beach Wines, a cozy community wine bar that grew out of her love of all things California.


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