Asian Cooking with Sunkist® Citrus

Citrus flavors are important to Asian and Chinese cooking. And no wonder! Historians believe that all citrus except grapefruit had its origins in the Orient. The juicy oranges we eat today were once a sour fruit growing wild in China. Satsuma tangerines were first cultivated in Japan, limes are native to Malaysia, lemons come from India and pummelos have been popular throughout Asia for centuries.

Asian Cooking Styles

While there are many Asian cultures, Sunkist's virtual tour explores these two basic categories.

Southeast style includes the foods of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The focus is on aromatic foods prepared with a light touch using citrus juices, basil, cilantro and mint. Lemongrass and the pungent fish sauce, naam plaa, are also prominent flavors.

Northeast style includes China, Korea and Japan. Food here goes beyond the table; it also figures prominently in medicine and rituals. Fats, oils and sauces are often used. Because it covers such an enormous area, there are several variations in the way foods are flavored and prepared between the northern and southern regions.

So pack your chopsticks and come along on a wok through Asia!