What we stand for

We grow. Plain and simple.

As a cooperative. As a community. As farmers, family and people. We look on the bright side, with our chin up and our feet planted firmly in the ground. Always striving to be better tomorrow than we were today.

We nurture. We share.

We push harder and aim higher, pursuing so much more than the low-hanging fruit. Because “good enough” has never been good enough for us. So we branch out. Turn over new leaves. With one eye on the future and the other on our humble California roots.

Side by side. Year after year.
Growing things our way: together.

Quality is
in our nature

Let’s face it, that’s the reason you’re here. And hey, we don’t blame you. Who wants to eat subpar citrus? Not us. Also, who says “subpar”? That was weird.

Anyway, what we’re trying to say is, we won’t accept anything less than the very best citrus. And we wouldn’t expect you to, either. That’s why every day, we plant and nurture our citrus to the highest standards, so we can meet yours.

We're into sustainability

We have a soft spot for Mother Nature. (Can you blame us?) And we want to treat her right, so we can keep growing the best tasting citrus around. Many of our growers have embraced sustainable practices, like solar power, low-emission vehicles and water-saving irrigation systems. All things that, we like to think, would make Mother Nature super proud.

Naturally, we have organic citrus

Lots of folks want their citrus to be fresh, juicy and as natural as can be. We hear you loud and clear. Several of our growers have answered the call, making Sunkist a proud provider of USDA-certified organic citrus. With a wide portfolio of organic citrus offerings from oranges and lemons to grapefruit and mandarins, our growers work hard to offer quality organic citrus that everyone can enjoy.

Meet Our Families

Since 1893, we’ve been doing what we do best: growing citrus. That’s 130 years of tending to groves and supporting growers out on the West Coast. So sure, you could say we’ve been around. You could also say we’re the longest-standing agricultural co-op in the country. Because, well, we are.

Click here to meet some of the families that keep Sunkist growing strong.

Click here to meet some of the families