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You've heard the adage, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Lemonade is a classic, refreshing summer beverage, but there are so many more things you can do with lemons! From using the acidic juice to clean tarnished copper pans to drawing a lemon-scented stress busting bath. Not to mention all the delicious lemon recipes you'll find in our recipe database!

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Sunkist Featured Home Tip - Lemon Juice to Slow Browning - Lemon Peels for Garbage Disposal
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Sunkist S'Alternative - Lemons as a healthy alternative to salt

Check out these great lemon tips:

Recipe and Cooking Ideas with Sunkist LemonsRecipes and Cooking

Lemons add color and flavor to almost any dish, so to get you started here are some of our favorite recipes that are full of this bright healthy citrus. Add some lemons to in a steamer to enhance the flavor of any fish or vegetable dish. If you need to spice up lunch try this Crispy Lemon Chicken or for a classic drink you can always go with Sunkist Homemade Lemonade. Thinking of something else? Try our database full of Lemon Recipes to find exactly what you're looking for.

Entertaining Ideas with Sunkist LemonsEntertaining

Having friends over or hosting an event? Lemons make the perfect decorative accent on any table, as a fresh table centerpiece or even a great smelling potpourri. Get Lemon entertaining tips on our dedicated "Lemon-taining" page!



Healthy Living Ideas with Sunkist LemonsHealthy Living

Long days at work and endless things to do at home, did you know a lemon can help relieve stress? Try some of these great stress busting tips to help unwind. Lemons also provide for a spa-like beauty treatment at your own home (and for a fraction of the cost). Here is a Lemon Facial Scrub recipe or you can see more Lemony Beauty Tips here. Don’t forget to check out all the amazing lemon household tips that help keep your home smelling and looking clean.


Make the S'alternative® Choice!

Salt has long been included in our foods and at our dinner tables. Finding ways to lower sodium is a tall order nowadays but Lemons give us a unique and tasteful way to do just that. Check out these great tips and ways to use lemons as a "S'alternative" choice or watch the quick video below.


What's S'alternative?

Using Lemon as a Sodium-free Salt Alternative.

Ways to Use Sunkist Lemons

How Many Uses Are There for a Lemon? Let Us Count the Ways.

Sunkist Lemon-aids (Ways To Use Lemons)

There are Even More Ways to Use a Lemon!

Want to see more videos? Here's a video with more lemon and citrus uses or watch this video on how to peel a lemon. Enjoy!