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Lemon-taining With Sunkist® Lemons and The Lemon Lady®

So much more than just a garnish on a glass!

April 18, 2005

Bright, yellow, tart and tangy, lemons are one of nature’s most versatile, healthy and delicious fruits. Since lemons are available throughout the year, they make an attractive, affordable and accessible décor item and recipe ingredient.

WHAT IS LEMON-TAINING? Spring is an ideal time to plan a get-together with family and friends. So why not plan your party around a lemon theme? It’ll add colour, aroma, taste and good health to your event. Sunkist Growers of California has teamed up with Jill Davie, The Lemon Lady®, to bring consumers bright ideas inspired by this zesty kitchen staple.

WHO IS THE LEMON LADY? Jill Davie is a professional chef at a popular Los Angeles restaurant in Santa Monica, California called Josie Restaurant. Jill also hosted a show on the Food Network called “Party Starters” in which she planned and prepared food for a fabulous party with a modest budget. Growing up in California with lemon trees in her backyard, Jill Davie is a lemon fan and self-professed lemon authority. See enclosed materials for Jill’s recipes, tips and tricks with nature’s wonder fruit.

TART UP RECIPES: Spring-time cooking is all about escaping from those hearty winter meals. And nothing adds zest or intensity to a dish like a squeeze of lemon. Lemons also act as a flavour catalyst, preparing the taste buds for the next flavour. See enclosed recipes by The Lemon Lady® or visit for a variety of lemon-inspired recipes.

• Lemon juice added to rice prevents it from sticking and enhances its white colour.
• Paint eggs with lemon juice to prevent them from cracking during boiling.
• Cut down on fish frying smells by squeezing lemon juice into the oil.
• The lemon will also prevent your fish from sticking to the grill.
• If you are reducing your sodium or fat intake, try squeezing a wedge of fresh lemon on salads, steamed vegetables, soups and stews. You'll never miss the salt or butter!
• Odors, such as onion, fish or household bleach, can be removed from hands by rubbing with lemon. This softens hands and toughens nails, too.

LOVELY LEMONY DÉCOR: Yellow is the colour of spring and one of the hottest designer colours this season. The colour itself brings a psychological association of vibrancy, happiness and sunlight. There are countless ways to include whole and sliced lemons into party décor, adding scent and colour to florals, candles and place settings. For example:

• A bowl of fresh lemons will add fragrance and colour to a room for days.
• Far less expensive than flowers, lemons add a splash of sunshine to your party table – and they’ll last longer!
• Sliced lemons can be incorporated into a centrepiece by placing a slightly smaller glass container into a larger vase and sliding sliced lemons between the two containers.
• Dried lemons are simple to make for decorations (particularly nice at Christmas-time) or as a potpourri (bake slices or wedges on a cooking drying rack in a 175 degree oven for five hours). Drying them in your oven will also leave a warm and wonderful citrus scent in your home.
• Use hollowed out, scalloped lemons to serve desserts like lemon custard, sherbet or mousse.
• Tuck a single flower bloom (try a daisy) and a name card into a lemon for a fresh, individual place card.

CLEAN AND GREEN: Lemon juice has long been recognized for its magical cleaning properties and will make party clean up healthy, inexpensive and fresh-smelling. Use in place of bleach and other harsh chemicals.

• Mix lemon juice with natural household ingredients such as salt, baking soda or white vinegar.
• Mix lemon juice and vinegar in a handy spray bottle for quick clean ups around the house.
• Use it to clean fixtures, tiles and other surfaces or cut in half, dip in baking soda to scour sinks, bathtubs and cutting boards.
• Use it on its own to polish metals such as copper and brass.
• Rust stains are easily removed by covering the rusted areas with salt and then rubbing it with<



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