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Sunkist Seasonal Specialties join the fall/winter line up

October 01, 2003

They're sweet...they're juicy...and they're easy to peel. What are they? They are this season's Sunkist seasonal specialties -- tangerines, mandarins and tangelos. And they start hitting the market this month -- along with some super-special Sunkist specialty grapefruit - the Pummelo and the Oroblanco.

While there will be some Sunkist® specialty citrus varieties by the end of October, larger volumes will become available as the holidays approach. And supplies will be more abundant since this year's crop is larger than last year.

The first tangerines of the season, the popular Fairchilds, are expected to make their appearance in mid-to-late October. The markets will see excellent supplies of large and medium sized fruit. Consumers will have lots of choices with three-and five-pound bags and a five-pound consumer carton. They may be with stem and leaf, or you may find them "bald", but either way, you'll find them good.

The season's first Mandarin is the Satsuma, and supplies of this sweet, seedless fruit are also expected in mid-to-late October. Like the Fairchilds, the Satsumas will start out with large-sized fruit and the peak will shift to a more typical size structure of large and jumbo with uniformly excellent flavor as the season progresses. Satsumas, with their naturally pebbled exterior texture, will be found as bulk fruit as well as in five-pound consumer cartons.

The first Tangelo of the season is the Orlando. This sweet, spicy, easy-to-peel and relatively seedless variety will be available in mid-November. This year's Orlandos have a great size structure, peaking on jumbo and mammoth followed by large. Orlandos are very popular in the three-or five-pound bags and a five-pound consumer carton.

The Sunkist Oroblanco (White Gold in Spanish) truly lives up to its name. Connoisseurs say it tastes like a pre-sweetened grapefruit. At maturity, Oroblancos have a soft gold interior and an exterior color that can range from pale gold to dark green. Availability, though limited in October, will increase through March. The volume of fruit available is expected to be almost double that of last year, with the size structure peaking on 32s, 36s, 40s to 27s. Oroblancos are packed both in cartons or loose in bins.

Sunkist Pummelos are back in the popular "Red Dragon" carton. Already in the market in limited volumes, availability will increase in early November in plenty of time for the gift-giving holidays. Crop volume has increased to new highs. Sizes are a bit larger this year peaking at 12s, 14s and 10s, making the most promotable sizes - 12s and 14s. They'll still be around in large quantities on Chinese New Year (January 22) to help usher in the Year of the Monkey.

We'll have Clementines. The exterior of this California delicacy, like its offshore counterpart, is a deep orange and the interior separates easily into sweet, juicy segments. California Clementines will be available in very limited supplies in December and will peak on jumbo, large and mammoth. This delectable variety will be found in bulk as well as in the 5-pound consumer carton.

This is the seventh year for the delicious Cara Cara -- the Power Navel with its beautiful orange exterior and rich pink interior. Harvesting volume will begin in December with peak sizes expected to be 88s and 72s followed by 113s. The fruit is very sweet with a relatively low acid ratio and few, if any, seeds. It is most popular in the half carton, but is also sold in bags and a new 4-pack Sunkist clamshell. Cara Cara packs a nutritious punch. The fruit is an excellent source of vitamin C, A and fiber; a good source of foliate and potassium, and a natural source of Lycopene.

The deep red, easy-peel Dancy Tangerines are always a big hit with Stem and Leaf attached. Available in mid-December, this year's crop is expected to peak on large,<



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