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'Tis the Season for Sensational Citrus from Sunkist

Many popular seasonal food and
drink recipes start with a juicy,
energizing Sunkist Specialty citrus.

November 07, 2005

Atlanta, GA, November 2005…Sunkist's many seasonal varieties of fresh specialty citrus offer a delicious array of flavors. These sensational citrus specialties, which come into season throughout the late autumn and winter months and continue into early spring, provide a new and unique taste for consumers.

Each of Sunkist's 13 unique Specialty Sensations has a distinct flavor – from the sweet, tangy taste of a Cara Cara navel to the wild strawberry overtones of a More orange. And Sunkist is offering some sensational retail support this year to encourage consumers to experience the amazing flavors of Sunkist Specialties during the peak of the season.

We know from experience that once consumers try a Sunkist Seasonal Specialty, they'll be asking for more. The key is to educate and build trial. To that end, Sunkist is offering colorful customer point-of-purchase; new corrugate displays; in-store demonstrations and … a special in-pack sampler.

The Specialty Sensations in-pack sampler is a unique value-added consumer program that delivers Specialty Sensation citrus samples in bags of Sunkist navel oranges. This "specialty citrus of the month" is wrapped in printed custom tissue wrap that educates consumers about the specialty variety's characteristics, seasonality and nutritional values and also provides a delicious recipe.

The in-pack Specialty Sensations of the Month are:

  • January — Moro oranges
  • February — Cara Cara navels
  • March — Minneola tangelos

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