Sunkist® Fun Fruit®

Healthy and Fun Snacking on the go!

Sunkist Fun Fruit® and Sunkist Fun Veggies® are the perfect snacks for those on the go and who desire a healthier option. Sunkist Fun Snack are 100% natural and ready-to-eat, featuring a variety of popular items such as fresh cut orange wedges (Smiles®, pineapple spears (Pals®), apple slices (Grins®) seedless grapes (Giggles®), baby carrots (Kidders®), and mixes including seedless grapes and apple slices (Buddies®).

They have become a favorite in many schools, hospitals, and universities across the nation and can be found in a growing number of supermarkets in our convenient multi-pack clamshells.

Our proprietary fruit slicing and innovative packaging ensure industry leading shelf life.

Sunkist Fun Fruit is processed through a joint venture between Sunkist Growers and Taylor Farms of Salinas, California ( For retailers and foodservice information, call 800-757-7724 or email For consumers, call 888-786-5478.

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