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Gold Nugget Mandarins

Sunkist Gold Nugget MandarinsThe bright, sparkling orange color of the segments inside, and the bumpy texture of the rind gave the Gold Nugget mandarin its name. This little gem is small in size, but brightens the taste of any recipe in a big way. Gold nugget mandarins are considered by professional taste panels to be one of the best-flavored varieties of citrus in the world. This late season mandarin is available from March through May, so get them while they are ripe for the mining!


Sunkist Gold Nugget Mandarins – “Nature's Treasure®

Sunkist Gold Nugget MandarinThe sun-sweet Gold Nugget Mandarin makes its way to you from sunny California, where it is grown specifically seedless. The ridged and raised rind makes it very easy to peel, and its fresh, juicy taste makes it a prize in any school lunchbox or snack.

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Sunkist Mandarin Nutrition Label

Gold Nugget Mandarins give you 15% of you daily Vitamin C and A needs. Remember to replenish Vitamin C daily to keep your immune system strong.