This Spring, Sunkist Brings Fresh Retail Marketing Materials and Citrus Varieties to 2015 Canadian Produce Marketing Association Convention and Trade Show

April 14, 2015, Montreal, QC— Following one of the coldest East Coast winters on record, Sunkist is happy to be bringing a taste of California and Arizona sunshine to the 2015 Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) Convention and Trade Show in Montreal. The citrus cooperative will showcase fresh, premium seasonal citrus along with new point-of-sale materials to help trade partners spring into citrus to lift spirits and sales.
“Springtime is all about fresh, and at Sunkist we’re pleased to be revealing a fresh new look to our retail marketing materials at the CPMA convention and trade show,” said Sunkist Director of Retail Marketing Julie DeWolf. “Our new point-of-sale collateral makes our bright, beautiful citrus shine against a rustic background that evokes the heritage of Sunkist’s 120-year growing history.”
Addressing retailers’ needs for quick turnaround and promotional flexibility, Sunkist will be displaying its new fully customized secondary display bins – which the company is now offering in addition to its regular line of display units. These new quarter bins, which hold 60-80 pounds of citrus, are easily assembled and can stand alone or be used to create a waterfall display off standard produce tables. The inner structure is a blank corrugate bin which is then covered with a high-graphic corrugate sleeve.
“Sunkist is now able to ship customized bins for unique retail promotions extremely quickly, creating a huge marketing advantage,” added DeWolf.
The new materials help showcase Sunkist® citrus in the retail environment and generate consumer excitement for specialty varieties such as Gold Nugget variety mandarins – a sweet, juicy easy-peel mandarin named for its beautiful bright, bumpy rind. Visitors to the Sunkist booth will be able to sample and taste why Sunkist has branded its Gold Nugget variety mandarins as Nature’s Treasure® for their unique exterior and exceptional flavor.
Sunkist will also highlight the mighty and versatile grapefruit at the trade show, sampling freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice at their booth. Available year round, Sunkist grapefruit packs a nutritional punch along with its delicious tart-sweet flavor. Sunkist continues to educate younger
consumers about the health and weight loss benefits of citrus along with promoting modern
usage tips from at-home mixology to do-it-yourself beauty with the “Not Your Mother’s
Grapefruit” program – aimed at increasing consumption among Millennials.
The cooperative also continues to educate trade partners and consumers about the heart and
heritage of the Sunkist brand with the Sunkist Family Stories program. This multimedia
storytelling campaign shares the history and continual innovation of the family farmers that
comprise the Sunkist cooperative, many of which have been growing citrus for generations.
Digital and point-of-sale materials featuring Sunkist’s growers as part of this program will also
be on display at Sunkist’s CPMA booth.
“Consumers today are looking for a more meaningful connection with the food they purchase
and feed their families,” said Sunkist Advertising and Public Relations Manager Joan Wickham.
“The Sunkist Family Stories campaign allows our growers to share their rich history, values and
pioneering growing practices that have made Sunkist the leading name in citrus – building a
deeper consumer connection with our brand.”
To highlight how delicious and versatile citrus is as an ingredient, Chef Jill Davie will be serving
Sunkist® Orange and Tomato Gazpacho with Sautéed Lemon Shrimp and Sunkist® Flatiron
Steak with Citrus Spiked Butter Beans incorporating Sunkist oranges, limes and lemons.
Offering over 40 citrus varieties including specialties and organics, Sunkist will also feature its
in-season specialty varieties such as Cara Cara Navel oranges, Minneola tangelos, Ojai Pixie
tangerines and Meyer lemons at the trade show and its Lil Snappers® brand, kid-size fruit for
small hands.
Sunkist has the variety, quality and marketing tools that retailers need to create successful citrus
programs. Visit Sunkist at CPMA booth 1005 to find out how Sunkist can help you squeeze the
most out of citrus sales.



April 03, 2015