Sunkist Growers, Inc. and Lyons Magnus announce the launch of Sunkist® Premium California Not from Concentrate 100% Orange Juice for the Retail Market

Lyons Magnus’ proprietary process allows the Sunkist Premium California 100% Orange Juice to be stored in your pantry for up to 6 months before serving!

January 22nd, 2021: Lyons Magnus and Sunkist Growers have signed a licensing agreement that will allow Lyons Magnus to introduce a new shelf stable aseptic Not from Concentrate (NFC) 100% Orange Juice for the Retail Market under the Sunkist brand. This unique arrangement gives Lyons Magnus the ability to source NFC 100% Orange Juice within 50 miles of our production facility. This also allows Lyons Magnus to market an exceptional quality 100% Orange Juice that is NFC, shelf stable, and economically advantageous.

The Sunkist Premium California 100% Orange Juice is packed into aseptic 46-ounce cartons that are shelf stable for up to six months, so shoppers can store in pantry until ready to open and consume. Retailers will no longer have to tie up expensive refrigerated space to sell premium orange juice as this new innovative Sunkist Premium NFC 100% Orange Juice can be stored and sold as a shelf stable product. It is better for the environment because it does not have to be shipped refrigerated which saves energy, it’s recyclable and the longer shelf life helps to reduce food waste.

“We are excited to combine the resources of our unique manufacturing strategies with the strong consumer brand recognition of Sunkist to offer consumers the first shelf stable Not from Concentrate 100% Orange Juice. Consumers will enjoy this unique product squeezed from California oranges that will provide a full-bodied orange juice with superior flavor and color.” said Jeff Hill, Sr. Vice President Marketing, at Lyons Magnus. The power of this licensing agreement leverages the manufacturing expertise of Lyons Magnus with the strength of the Sunkist Growers brand along with the vast farming resources to provide California grown oranges to produce the 100% Not from Concentrate Orange Juice.

“We are proud of our new licensing agreement with Lyons Magnus,” said Mark Madden, Vice President of Marketing and Global Licensing at Sunkist Growers. “This collaboration supports our agricultural cooperative and grower members and comes naturally, as Lyons Magnus has a long history delivering high-quality beverages. We are thrilled for consumers to experience this new product.”

For more information on this exciting new product, please contact Jeff Hill at Lyons Magnus at 1-800-344-7130.



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