• Prep Time: 5 min

Number of servings


  • 1 part water (distilled water preferred for better results)
  • 1 part apple cider vinegar 
  • Juice of one Sunkist® Lemon​
  • 10-15 drops of essential oil (e.g., lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, or peppermint)​


  1. Mix Water and apple cider vinegar: In a spray bottle, combine equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar.​
  2. Add Sunkist® lemon juice: Squeeze the juice of one Sunkist® lemon into the mixture. Adjust the amount to your preference for a more or less citrusy scent.​
  3. Add Essential Oils: Incorporate 10-15 drops of your chosen essential oil into the mixture. The amount can be adjusted based on how strong you want the fragrance.​
  4. Shake Well: Secure the lid of the spray bottle and shake well to combine all the ingredients thoroughly.​
  5. Label Your Bottle: Make a label for your cleaner, noting the ingredients and the date you made it.​
  6. Usage: Shake the bottle well before each use. This cleaner is suitable for cleaning countertops, windows, mirrors, and other surfaces. Simply spray it onto the surface and wipe clean with a cloth or paper towel.​
  7. Storage: Store the cleaner in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. It is best kept in a glass spray bottle to preserve the integrity and effectiveness of the essential oils.