How To Use The Whole Fruit

We’ve never met a part of citrus that we didn’t like. From the juicy flesh to the essential oil-packed peel, put it all to good use next time you cook, clean, or feel crafty.

Hold onto that lemon rind 

It’s packed with flavor. And it’s not afraid to show it – in salads, desserts, even ice cubes. (Not kidding. Just toss two lemons and 1¼ cup of water in a blender, freeze the mixture in an ice tray, and voila! A pop of flavor in any drink.) 

Step up your seasoning game 

Salt and pepper might be staples. But this make-it-from-scratch Lemon Pepper Seasoning takes dinner to a whole new level. Just zest some lemons and get going.  

In case you’re feeling fancy… 

We’ve got two words: preserved lemons. Not only are they delicious, they also put the entire lemon to good use. And they’re pretty gorgeous in a mason jar, too. Talk about a triple threat. 

Any other lemon tips?

You know itHere’s a few other ways you can get the most out of each and every lemon. 

Sunkist Whole fruit usage

And let’s not forget about oranges.

Sustainability is their middle name. Or it would be if they had one. 

How to Use the Whole Fruit

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