Supreming is the term for removing the peel and pith of citrus fruit, then segmenting it.

It’s always good to have a bowl to catch the juice as you’re segmenting.


First, slice the top and bottom so that the fruit stands flat.


Take a first lighter pass at removing a section of the peel. Once complete, it’s much easier to see how deep you need to go for the rest of the slices.


Continue removing the peel down to the flesh by following the curve of the fruit until all the peel and pith is removed. Remember, you can always go back and cut more if you need to.


To release the segments, slice along each “side” of the segment to cut it away from the membrane. (This is where your bowl will come in handy.) Keep cutting until all the segments are released and you’re done.


Hint: The remaining fruit shell still has lots of juice, so feel free to squeeze it into your bowl to use every last drop.