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March 25, 2019, Valencia, Calif. – Sunkist recently released 19 new citrus-forward dishes and drinks for 2019. Each recipe shows consumers how to use Sunkist® fresh citrus in easy-to-make meals, cocktails, and mocktails, highlighting creative ways to use Navel oranges, Cara Cara Navel oranges, Blood oranges, Minneola tangelos, Meyer lemons, and conventional lemons.

“With more than 40 different varieties, there are endless ways to brighten up a meal or add a fun twist to your favorite beverage by using Sunkist fresh citrus,” said Christina Ward, Director of Communications. “Our new recipes show just how versatile Sunkist oranges, lemons, tangelos, and mandarins are with these creative dishes and drinks using five ingredients or less.”

Health-minded consumers can look to for recipe inspiration, from plant-based dishes to sauces that use Sunkist lemons as a healthy, sodium-free alternative to salt. The new recipe lineup also includes signature drinks for springtime soirées, a healthy smoothie, and a sweet snack that’s guilt-free.

As part of ongoing chef and mixologist collaborations, Sunkist’s new spring-inspired recipes include:

Mandarin Mule featuring Sunkist Delite® mandarins

Caiparinha de Moro featuring Sunkist Blood oranges

Fernet & Cola featuring Sunkist Navel oranges and orange bitters

Cara Cara’tini featuring Sunkist Cara Cara Navel oranges and lemons

Meyer Lemon Drops featuring Sunkist Meyer lemons

Chevere Cosmopolitan featuring Sunkist Cara Cara Navel oranges

Wandering Frank featuring freshly squeezed Sunkist Meyer lemons

Winter White Sangria featuring Sunkist Blood oranges, Navel oranges and Meyer lemons

Minneola Margarita featuring Sunkist Minneola tangelos

Blood and Bulb featuring Sunkist Blood oranges

Pink Mimosa featuring Sunkist Cara Cara Navel oranges

Lemony Cauliflower Rice featuring Sunkist lemons

Citrus Twisted Chimichurri featuring Sunkist lemons

Spiced Orange Beet Soup with Coconut Yogurt featuring Sunkist Minneola tangelos

Meyer Lemon Golden Smoothie featuring Sunkist Meyer lemons

Orange Creamsicle featuring Sunkist Minneola tangelos

Citrus Hangover Cure featuring Sunkist lemons

Chocolate-Dipped Mandarins featuring Sunkist Delite mandarins

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